The Younghusband Wool Store is a heritage building that dates back over 120 years. Impact Investment Group (IIG) purchased the property in 2016 and has engaged HGW Project to perform the key Project Management role from commencement of design feasibility planning and through the initial master plan and initial planning application phases.

The shared vision for the project is to reposition Younghusband as a beautiful industrial village for the common good and to be one of Australia’s most innovative and sustainable heritage precincts. It will have a focus on commercial uses with a strong connection to the local community via conferencing, new public realm, cooperative warehousing, coworking, artists and artisans, manufacturing sales, and food and beverage. IIG are proposing to establish and operate a carbon and water neutral precinct which includes just under 1MW of rooftop solar.

The project involves extension and refurbishment of three existing heritage buildings and construction of two large commercial buildings in stages. The City of Melbourne has recently granted planning approval for the first stage.